Cypress wood has long been known for its durable characteristics that make it ideal for interior and exterior use.  This particular wood is known as “The Eternal Wood” because it is a very dense and naturally insect resistant wood that will be around for years to come.  Cypress generates cypressene, a natural preservative oil, making the heartwood naturally resistant to insects, decay, chemical corrosion and other damaging elements. As such, Cypress remains one of the favorite wood choices for demanding outdoor applications such as fence posts, telephone poles, pilings, docks, railroad ties and of course furniture.

Cypress is also a very stable wood, as it is highly resistant to splitting and warping. Dimensional stability also ensures that the wood can readily accept paints and stains, although many people select cypress siding for the natural appeal of its honey-like hues, which can be maintained with a clear sealer or permitted to weather to a dark grey.

All of our furniture features select 99% knot free cypress wood. As mentioned above it does not require any treatment and will weather to a beautiful grey. Most people prefer this look, however if you are interested in maintaining the current color longer, you can stain and/or seal it prior to use.